Mirkwood Engineering
Professional Structural Engineers

About Mirkwood Engineering:

Mirkwood Engineering was established in 2003 to provide quality structural engineering services to the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. Founded by experienced professionals, Mirkwood Engineering focuses on quality engineering and customer satisfaction. We understand that, while technical knowledge is important, it is only part of what architects, developers and owners are looking for in an engineering consultant. Mirkwood's size and the background of our personnel allow us to handle any size of project from residential to heavy industrial.

The following is a brief summary of the engineering services we provide:
  • Structural design in steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, masonry, and virtually any building material or system.
  • All types of building construction, e.g., commercial, heavy and light industrial, heavy/equipment foundations, multistorey, residential.
  • Complete CAD drafting services.
  • Licensed and authorized to practice professional engineering in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.
  • Mirkwood Engineering is registered for both "Building Structural" and "Large Building" building code qualifications in Ontario.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your project. Please use the menu bar at the left of this page to learn more, and feel free to contact us any time to find out if Mirkwood Engineering matches your engineering needs.

Copyright 2015 Mirkwood Engineering. All rights reserved.
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